2006 - Nature successfully developed quartz stone sink (also known as artificial granite sink), which is the pioneer of Chinese granite sink.

2009 - Nature is the first factory invented granite color faucet in the domestic market, which is leading the fashion.

2010 - Nature  invented the granite integrated sink, the craftsmanship and unique texture get the focus of the whole world .

2013 - Nature successfully researched and developed high-pressure injection closed-die production technology, broke through the core technology of granite sink production technology, broke the German technical blockade, applied for national invention patent. Nature granite sink had high product density and good appearance quality, which completely reached world-class.

2017 - The production base of Hubei Nature Industrial Park with an investment of 200 million yuan was officially launched in construction, covering an area of 100 mu and a building area of 46,000 square meters.

2018 -  In October, the first stage of the 21,000 square meters production workshop of Hubei Nature Industrial Park was completed and put into production. With an annual production capacity of 400,000 sets of granite sinks, which is is the largest the production scale in the world.

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